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Reducing programming voltage differential nonlinearity in non-volatile storage

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7577034.

A corrective action is taken to adjust for nonlinearities in a program voltage which is applied to a selected word line in a memory device. The nonlinearities result in a non-uniform program voltage step size which can cause over programming or slow programming. A digital to analog converter (DAC) which provides the program voltages can have a nonlinear output, such as when certain code words are input to the DAC. The memory device can be tested beforehand to determine where the nonlinearities occur, and configured to take corrective action when the corresponding code words are input. For example, the DAC may have a nonlinear output when a rollover code word is input, e.g., a when a string of least significant bits in successive code words change from 1's to 0's. The corrective action can include repeating a prior program pulse or adjusting a duration of a program pulse.

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