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Apparatus and method of railroad tie replacement

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7571681.

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for the simultaneous removal of an old railroad tie that is part of an existing railroad tie with a new railroad tie. The apparatus includes a first railroad car that places a new tie adjacent to the existing railroad track, a second railroad car which picks up and removes an old railroad tie after it has been replaced with the new railroad tie, and a third railroad car located between the first car and second car which has a hydraulic actuator that uses the new tie to simultaneously push out the old tie from under the railroad track and place into position the new tie. The first car has a conveyor that removes a new tie from the first car and places it in a location that is end-to-end adjacent to the old tie. The third car, using the hydraulic actuator takes the new tie and uses it to push the old tie out from under the railroad track and simultaneously place the new tie in proper position. The third car also includes a railroad track lifting frame which can lift the railroad track underneath the third car a slight amount.

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