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Electric power generation control system and electric power generation control method for fuel cell

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7564211.

A power generation control system for a fuel cell, including a chargeable/dischargeable unit connected to a fuel cell, for being charged with electric power from the fuel cell and discharging electric power to a load, a target power computing unit for computing a target power to be generated by the fuel cell, a power-lowering request detection unit for detecting a power-lowering request to the fuel cell, an available power detection unit for detecting available power of the chargeable/dischargeable unit, a power extraction limiting unit for limiting electric power to be extracted from the fuel cell based on the power-lowering request detected by the power-lowering request detection unit and the available power detected by the available power detection unit, and a power extraction control unit for controlling electric power to be extracted from the fuel cell based on the target power and an output of the power extraction limiting unit.

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