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Earthen containment reinforcement system

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7563057.

An earthen containment reinforcement system has a plurality of connected panels containing recycled rubber vehicle tire material forming a retaining or barrier wall. The panels are connected by interlocking joints, and secured by a reinforcing cable that traverses the length of the connected panels. For added structural integrity, the reinforcing cable is connected by a plurality of tether cables to a corresponding plurality of anchors that are sunken in the earthen containment. An erosion shield is connected to the top edge of the retaining wall, and extends away from the top of the wall toward a land side of the earthen containment that is opposite the water side. By virtue of their construction from recycled vehicle rubber tire material, the panels are not only impervious to water and burrowing rodents and resistant to erosion, earth tremor, and explosion, but are easy and economical to fabricate and maintain.

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