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Internal combustion engine with a supercharger

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7562527.

In an internal combustion engine with a supercharger, there is provided a technique capable of quickly raising supercharging pressure. In the internal combustion engine with a supercharger which includes a communication passage 6 that connects between those portions of an exhaust passage 3 which are upstream and downstream of an exhaust gas turbine 4c of the supercharger 4, and a waste gate valve 7 that is arranged in said communication passage 6 so as to open from an upstream side of said communication passage 6 to a downstream side thereof, provision is made for a drive unit that applies a fixed force directed from the downstream side to the upstream side of said communication passage 6 to said waste gate valve 7. By applying the fixed force to the waste gate valve 7, said waste gate valve 7 is not opened until a differential pressure between the upstream and downstream sides of the waste gate valve 7 becomes larger than the fixed force, so the supercharging pressure rises smoothly.

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