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Thrust reversers including locking assemblies for inhibiting deflection

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7559507.

Aircraft systems having thrust reversers with locking assemblies are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an aircraft system includes a fan casing and a thrust reverser attached to the fan casing. The fan casing includes a first member. The thrust reverser includes a nozzle inner wall, a second member proximate to the nozzle inner wall for engaging with the first member, and a locking member positioned proximate to the first member. The locking member is movable between (a) a first position in which the first member is positioned between the locking member and the second member such that the locking member inhibits disengagement of the first and second members, and (b) a second position in which the locking member does not inhibit disengagement of the first and second members. The first member can be a V-groove, and the second member can be a V-blade.

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