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Digital mixer capable of programming mixer configuration, mixer configuration editing apparatus, and control application program to control digital mixer

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7558637.

A digital mixer has a processor capable of operating in accordance with a program to constitute a sound signal processing module and executing a program corresponding to mixer configuration data defining a mixer configuration of the sound signal processing module to perform a sound signal processing operation of the mixer configuration. In the digital mixer, a current memory stores an operation data set having a data structure corresponding to the mixer configuration data. A control section controls the sound signal processing operation of the sound signal processing module based on the operation data set stored in the current memory. A storage is provided for storing a plurality of operation data sets and attribute information indicative of data structures of the respective operation data sets. A select section selects one of the operation data sets stored in the storage. A converting section converts the selected operation data set from the data structure indicated by the attribute information of the selected operation data set into a data structure corresponding to the mixer configuration data, and recalls the converted operation data set to the current memory.

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