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Method and apparatus using fast electronic switching for multi-channelizing a single-channel radar system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7557747.

According to typical practice of an inventive radar system, a switching device is capable of activating a receiver array one at a time so that when a receiver is activated the remaining receivers are inactivated. A switch control circuit is pre-programmed with control logic that is based on the counting of radio pulses that are emitted by a signal generator (for transmission by a transmitter). The control logic dictates, via the switching device, the rapid sequential cycling through of the arrayed receivers so that each receiver is activated for the same prescribed period of time, which corresponds to a pre-programmed number N of emitted radio pulses wherein N=[the number of frequencies in the wave table].times.[the number of pulse integrations in the wave table].times.[1 polarization or 2 polarizations]. Radio pulse input from the receivers is interleaved in a manner associable with individual receivers.

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