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Method of manufacturing polysilicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor having the same

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7557050.

In a method of manufacturing a polysilicon thin film and a method of manufacturing a TFT having the thin film, a laser beam is irradiated on a portion of an amorphous silicon thin film to liquefy the portion of the amorphous silicon thin film. The amorphous silicon thin film is on a first end portion of a substrate. The liquefied silicon is crystallized to form silicon grains. The laser beam is shifted from the first end portion towards a second end portion of the substrate opposite the first end portion by an interval in a first direction. The laser beam is then irradiated onto a portion of the amorphous silicon thin film adjacent to the silicon grains to form a first polysilicon thin film. Therefore, electrical characteristics of the amorphous silicon thin film may be improved.

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