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Device for coating a continuous web of material

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7556692.

Known devices for coating a continuous web of material (13) comprise a casting container (1) which consists of a casting surface (8) for the discharge of the coating material in a free falling curtain (C); at least one distribution chamber (2) which extends in a transversal manner in relation to the direction of circulation of the web of material and which comprises a supply line (10) for the coating material and an discharge slit (9) which discharges onto the casting surface (8), and two lateral guiding elements (7, 12) which extend in a downward direction for the edges of the curtain (C). According to the invention, the lateral guiding elements (7, 12) are curved on the upper end thereof corresponding to the course of the casting surface, (8) whereon (8) the lateral guiding elements are fixed in an adjustable transversal manner and the coating material supply line (10) leads into the valve chamber (2) in the central area of the casting container (1).

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