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Fuel distribution pipe structure in multiple throttle body

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7556021.

To improve maintenance workability of fuel injection valves in multiple throttle bodies, a distribution member (D) is provided with a fuel distribution path (3) communicating with a fuel inflow path (8), throttle body mounting holes (7, 7) and injection valve support member mounting holes (6, 6), injection valve support members (S, S) are provided with injection valve support bosses (12, 12), the distribution member (D) is screwed to the one and other side throttle bodies (T1, T2) via the throttle body mounting holes (7, 7), the other side end surfaces (11, 11) of the injection valve support members (S, S) are screwed on one and the other side end surfaces (1, 2) of the distribution member (D), and the other and one side fuel injection valves (Ja, Jb) are held by the injection valve support members (S, S) and the other and one side throttle body (T2, T1) respectively.

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