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Method for decoding a plurality of standard radio waves and standard radio wave receiver

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7555029.

A method and a standard radio wave receiver for receiving a plurality of standard radio waves respectively having signal configurations in accordance with respective specifications which define carrier channels and formats and for decoding time code signals carried by the standard radio waves. The method extracts at least part of a bit waveform common to the specifications as a extracted signal from a waveform of each of the time code signals given by each of the carrier channels, synchronizes bits to each of the time code signals in accordance with the extracted signal, determines an evaluation index indicating good or bad of a reception condition for each of the carrier channels from the bit waveform, and selects a single channel from the carrier channels in accordance with the evaluation index. The method further extracts a bit waveform corresponding to a characteristic code which characterizes the format which differs in each specifications from the time code signal of the selected channel, discriminates the specification of the time code signal given by the channel in accordance with the contents of the characteristic code, and decodes the time code signal to time data in accordance with the format of the discriminated specification.

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