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Power semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7554155.

A power semiconductor device has a first main electrode formed along a surface of a substrate, a first semiconductor layer of first conductive type electrically connected to the first main electrode, a cyclic structure section which is formed on the first semiconductor layer and has second semiconductor layers of first conductive type and third semiconductor layers of second conductive type alternately and cyclically formed along the surface of the substrate, a fourth semiconductor layer of second conductive type selectively formed on a part of the second and third semiconductor layers, a fifth semiconductor layer of first conductive type selectively formed on the fourth semiconductor layer, a second main electrode contacted the fourth and fifth semiconductor layers, a control electrode disposed adjacent via a first insulating film on the second, fourth and fifth semiconductor layers, and a depletion layer blocking section which is formed outside of the cyclic structure section and prevents a depletion layer from spreading outside, wherein the depletion layer blocking section includes a conductive layer formed via a second insulating film in a first trench formed outside of the outermost third semiconductor layer in the cyclic structure section.

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