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Grounded rotating anode x-ray tube housing

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7553080.

An improved rotating anode x-ray tube housing is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment: a single cable, insulated with Ethylene-Propylene Rubber ("EPR"), has an extended Federal Standard terminal or plug mounted within an extended Federal Standard receptacle, attached to an anode end of the housing; the cable is designed to carry up to approximately 150 kV to power the cathode; and insulation of the plug also insulates the 150 kV from a grounded center portion of the x-ray tube and the anode disk area. The longitudinal axes of the anode and high-voltage plug are parallel to one another. This new configuration allows the cathode plug and receptacle to be moved virtually entirely inside the housing. This results in absolute minimal size of the assembly, and a single cable that exits parallel to the rotational axis of the housing.

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