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Populating geospatial database for onboard intelligent vehicle applications

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7552008.

The present invention is an apparatus and a method for populating a geospatial road database. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a geospatial database management system is mounted on a host vehicle and manages geospatial data relating to a travel path for the host vehicle. The embodiment further comprises a geospatial database to store data elements indicative of objects and their location. The embodiment further comprises a database manager component to maintain the geospatial database and receive database queries from a driver assist subsystem. The embodiment further comprises a database developer component is configured to develop the data elements in the geospatial database and receive database inputs from a lane level digitizer subsystem configured to receive inputs from a plurality of sensors mounted on the host vehicle. Finally, the embodiment comprises the plurality of sensors may include a Digital Global Positioning System, a digital camera, and a scanning range sensor. The present invention includes a method for implementing the steps performed by the embodiment of the apparatus.

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