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Method constructing a downlink frame for a communication system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7548507.

A method constructing a downlink frame for a communication system using a plurality of coding schemes and a quality metric. The method includes: (a) In no particular order: (1) establishing stripes along a first axis; (2) establishing slots within each stripe; and (3) assigning each flow to a group according to its coding scheme. (b) Evaluating a wastage metric for each group. (c) Evaluating the quality metric for each group. (d) Employing the wastage metric and the quality metric to establish an efficiency metric for each group. (e) Allocating a first group having a predetermined efficiency metric to a first stripe. (f) Continuing allocating until all stripes are filled to desired capacity or until all flows are fully allocated. (g) Populating the frame according to the allocating.

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