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Using radar targets of opportunity to build a monopulse calibration table

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7548189.

In a radar system, a monopulse calibration table is constructed from live targets of opportunity. A center of gravity or weighted average of normalized signals .DELTA.V received at SUM and DIFF channels from a live target are used to determine the target's actual azimuth. Off bore sight angles (OBA) of the target are then determined from the target's actual azimuth. Normalized received signal values of .DELTA.V are converted to nearest-valued integers. The OBA s that correspond to each integer-valued normalized received signal are averaged and can then be plotted as a function of normalized received signal value .DELTA.V. Different tables or plots can be constructed for elevation angles. An equation of a best-fit line the matches or at least closely approximates the plotted data is determined to smooth the actual data.

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