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Flap interconnection system for aircraft

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7546984.

Described is an interconnection system, in particular for flaps which are located side-by-side, on an aircraft wing, for example landing flaps or high-lift flaps. The interconnection system is in particular characterised in that it comprises a correspondingly guided compensating profile for a gap between the flaps, which gap changes when the flaps are moved. Preferably, the interconnection system is combined with a failsafe device for adjacent flaps in the form of a longitudinally adjustable interconnection strut which is connected to the adjacent flaps by way of corresponding load introduction fittings. The interconnection system is in particular suitable for large aircraft in which the gap between adjacent flaps, due to the relatively large lateral movement of the flaps during retraction and extension, becomes relatively wide, and the forces acting on the flaps are relatively great.

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