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Mechanically enhanced self-donning gown

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7546643.

The present invention relates to mechanical self-donning gowns that permit the wearer to don the gown without the assistance of another person while ensuring that the sterility of the gown and the hands of the wearer of the gown are not compromised during the donning process. The present invention comprises essentially of a gown body, a closure element attached to the gown body, and a mechanical self-donning mechanism also attached to the gown body. The wearer dons the gown by placing one arm in each sleeve and moving the sleeves so that the mechanical donning mechanisms are moved from the initial closed configurations to a subsequent open configurations thereby engaging the gown closure element and forming the closable back portion of the gown body thereby permitting the wearer to don the gown without the assistance of another person while maintaining a sterile environment.

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