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High speed, low power all CMOS thermometer-to-binary demultiplexer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7541961.

High speed, low power all CMOS thermometer-to-binary demultiplexer. A received signal undergoes digital sampling (e.g., as within an ADC) to generate a signal that subsequently undergoes encoding (e.g., transformation from thermometer encoded data to binary encoded data) and de-multiplexing. Two separate de-multiplexing stages are employed when performing combined encoding and de-multiplexing. In addition, the individual DEMUXs of the two stages are clocked using a distributed clock generation architecture, such that, reset and time-interleaving is controlled on the ADC clock generator. The thermometer-to-binary encoders are placed very close to the input stage which facilitates very fast data rates while consuming relatively lower power.

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