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Golf ball manufacturing method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7530906.

This invention provides a golf ball manufacturing method to be administered subsequent treatment at a specific site on the surface of a ball molded from a golf ball-forming material. The method includes the steps of forming on the surface of the ball an identifying mark having a given positional relationship with the specific surface site; removing each ball in turn from a plurality of lined-up balls on each of which the specific surface site is located in a random position; photographing the identifying mark formed on the surface of the ball with an image processing camera; and, based on information provided by the photographed identifying mark, correcting the orientation of the ball so that the specific surface site lies at the position where the subsequent treatment will be administered. This method of manufacture enables the ball to be reliably and smoothly positioned, thus making it possible to reliably and smoothly carry out subsequent treatment such as seam line processing and marking. The overall efficiency of the golf ball manufacturing process is thus increased, which is advantageous for production.

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