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Multifunction-type vibration actuator and portable communication equipment

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7529381.

A multifunction vibration actuator is disclosed, which includes a housing (1) integrally formed with a first house part (1a) with an elliptic wall (10), a second house part (1b) having a cylindrical wall (11) with a diameter corresponding to the first house part (1a) at the center of the ellipse, and both bottom walls (1c) and (1d) of the first housing part (1a). The actuator also includes an elliptic diaphragm (3) with an annular voice coil (3) installed on the inner surface thereof, a circular magnetic circuit part (4), and a disk type suspension (5). The elliptic diaphragm (3) is tightly installed in the wall of the first house part (1a), and the circular magnetic circuit part (4) is installed in the cylinder of the second house part (1b) with the suspension (5).

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