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Liquid honing machine and liquid honing method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7524234.

A honing machine 1 is provided with a honing zone 5 for subjecting a work 2 to a liquid honing process and a washing zone 6 for subjecting the work 2 to which the liquid honing process was executed at the honing zone 5 to a washing process in a housing 4 shielded from an external air, the honing zone 5 and the washing zone 6 being disposed adjacently. A partition wall 7 for preventing an ambient gas of the honing zone 5 from entering into the washing zone 6 is disposed between the honing zone 5 and the washing zone 6 in the housing 4. An in-liquid conveying apparatus 10 for conveying the work 2 to which the liquid honing process was executed at the honing zone 5 from the honing zone 5 to the washing zone 6 with the work kept immersed in the liquid 72 in a carrying bath 11 is disposed in the housing 4.

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