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Rotator shock and vibration absorbing mounting system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7524075.

A shock absorbing mounting for a rotating warning light for a light bar is provided by the assembly of the rotator with a base member useful for mounting one or more rotators and other light producing array units. The light bar base member has longitudinal grooves and the mounting enables the rotator to be attached wherever desired along the grooves. The grooves are blind grooves. The rotator has its own base with a plurality of holes in which are provided resilient shock absorbing grommets with holes therethrough. The assembly of the rotator to the light bar base member is via self-threading screws which have heads, parts of which may be washers, which enlarge the diameter of the heads. The screws are of such length that when they engage and are stopped by the bottom of the grooves, the head compresses the grommet sufficiently to provide a resilient shock absorbing connection. The height of the grommet and the depth of the grooves to the bottom are slightly longer than the length of the screw up to the head thereof, such that when the screw is bottomed in the groove the grommet is compressed to a desired extent which provides a connection while retaining the shock-absorbing characteristics of the grommet and without the need for additional elements to set the amount of compression of the grommet.

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