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Adenine derivatives

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7521454.

This invention relates to an adenine derivative, a tautomer thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof represented by general formula (I): ##STR00001## wherein X represents NR.sup.3 (wherein R.sup.3 represents a hydrogen atom or C.sub.1-3 alkyl) or the like; R.sup.1 represents substituted or unsubstituted alkyl or the like; R.sup.2 represents hydroxyl or the like; and Y represents a substituted or unsubstituted aromatic hetero ring or the like. Also, the present invention relates to pharmaceuticals such as an interferon inducer, antiviral agent, anticancer agent, type 2 helper T cell selective immune response inhibitor, antiallergic agent, and immune response modulator comprising the above derivative as an active ingredient.

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