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Board game apparatus for teaching electoral college, historical and geographical concepts

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7520508.

A game includes a board displaying a map showing cartographic outlines of the U.S. states, and optionally each state's capital. The game includes at least one deck of cards including a respective card for each state shown on the game board. Geography playing cards include an image and/or identifying text for each state. Electoral college playing cards are similar but further include text identifying each state's number of electoral college votes, and optionally, capital. The game may further include a state capital overlay obscuring or providing state capital names, and/or a historical map overlay for showing as available only the states of the union in an associated election year. Historical playing cards, similar to the electoral college or geography playing cards, corresponding to each historical map overlay may also be provided. A workbook including stimulating topical questions may also be provided.

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