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High performance curable polymers and processes for the preparation thereof

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7517641.

Disclosed is a composition which comprises a polymer containing at least some monomer repeat units with photosensitivity-imparting substituents which enable crosslinking or chain extension of the polymer upon exposure to actinic radiation, said polymer being of the formula ##STR00001## wherein x is an integer of 0 or 1, A is one of several specified groups, such as ##STR00002## B is one of several specified groups, such as ##STR00003## or mixtures thereof, and n is an integer representing the number of repeating monomer units, wherein said photosensitivity-imparting substitutents are allyl ether groups, epoxy groups, or mixtures thereof. Also disclosed is a process for preparing a thermal ink jet printhead containing the aforementioned polymers and processes for preparing the aforementioned polymers.

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