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Prayer strand marker device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7513774.

A marker device for use by a votary in marking his position on a prayer strand includes a pair of identical body halves that are respectively provided with identical semi-circular grooves formed on inside surfaces of each body half. When the body halves are joined together, the semi-circular grooves are in registry so as to collectively form a throughbore that is centrally located on the body of the marker. The throughbore extends completely through the body of the marker in a position that is transverse to the body. The halves are held together by a pair of identical O-rings or a pair of identical miniature rubber bands. The outer surface of the body of the marker is further provided with a pair of identical channels for seating the O-rings therein. The diameter of the central throughbore is sized to match that of the outside diameter of a prayer strand bead.

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