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Use of optical mark in label printing and label dispensing

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7511622.

An RFID label assembly and method of manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, the manufacturing method comprises the steps of (a) providing an RFID label assembly, the RFID label assembly comprising a common web, the common web having a top surface and a bottom surface, a plurality of RFID labels spaced apart from one another and releasably mounted on top of the common web, at least some of the RFID labels being defective and at least some of the RFID labels not being defective, and an eye mark printed on the bottom surface of the common web for each of the RFID labels, each eye mark having a length corresponding to the length of its corresponding RFID label; (b) testing each of the RFID labels for the purpose of detecting defective RFID labels; and (c) removing from the common web all RFID labels found in step (b) to be defective.

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