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Disposable dental prophylaxis apparatus capable of discharging predetermined amount of dentifrice material therefrom

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7510396.

The present invention relates to a hand tool used by dental professionals to polish a patient's tooth. The hand tool can be connected to a hand motor used to rotate a wheel cup with a plurality of grinding wings that rub against the patient's tooth as a predetermined amount of dentifrice material is discharged directly on the patient's tooth through a drain hole within the wheel cup. The dentifrice material is discharged from a tube that is assembled in the housing of the hand tool. The tube has a plurality of folds formed on the tube body in such a manner as to be folded by a given distance while being compressed to discharge the dentifrice material therefrom. The tube is compressed by a link with a push button that is guided in the forward direction as it is pushed by a finger.

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