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Vehicle stabilizer for high stress

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7500660.

To provide a vehicle stabilizer for high stress in which fatigue life of a bending portion can be prolonged and which can exhibit excellent durability. A configuration of a bending portion 16, to which a maximum stress is applied and which is the most fragile part, of a vehicle stabilizer for high stress 10 is formed in a state which satisfies conditions: 0<.phi..ltoreq.4 and (.phi..times.d/R).ltoreq.2 wherein d represents a material diameter before bending process, R represents a radius of bending of the bending portion 16, d1 represents a short axis dimension of a cross section of the bending portion 16, d2 represents a long axis dimension of a cross section of the bending portion 16, and a flat rate .phi. of a cross section of the bending portion 16 is represented by the following equation: .phi.=(d2-d1)/d2.times.100. Accordingly, concentration of shearing stress on the bending portion 16 during a load input can be suppressed to prevent the vehicle stabilizer for high stress 10 from being broken due to the concentration of stress on the bending portion 16.

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