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Suction muffler for a hermetic compressor

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7500540.

A system for closing a suction muffler of a hermetic compressor, the suction muffler including: a hollow base; a cover to be coupled to the hollow base, the parts defined by the hollow base and the cover including respective mutually seatable peripheral flanges, which are shaped to define, jointly, an internal channel extended along at least part of the circumferential extension of the peripheral flanges and which is opened to the opposite external faces of the latter by means of throughbores axially aligned to each other in pairs, each pair of throughbores maintaining a circumferential distance in relation to an adjacent pair of throughbores, the throughbores of each pair and the internal channel being filled with a gasket of injected material, which projects outwardly from the throughbores so as to define an axial lock portion.

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