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Double pinned photodiode for CMOS APS and method of formation

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7495273.

A pinned photodiode, which is a double pinned photodiode having increased electron capacitance, and a method for forming the same are disclosed. The invention provides a pinned photodiode structure comprising a substrate base over which is a first layer of semiconductor material. There is a base layer of a first conductivity type, wherein the base layer of a first conductivity type is the substrate base or is a doped layer over the substrate base. At least one doped region of a second conductivity type is below the surface of said first layer, and extends to form a first junction with the base layer. A doped surface layer of a first conductivity type is over the at least one region of a second conductivity type and forms a second junction with said at least one region of a second conductivity type.

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