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Calibration control for pin electronics of automatic testing equipment

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7489123.

An integrated circuit for automatic calibration control of pin electronics is disclosed. The integrated circuit includes a substrate, and both pin electronics and a calibration circuit integral with the substrate. The calibration circuit is dedicated to a single channel of automatic testing equipment for a single pin of a device under test. Each sub-circuit of the pin electronics may include a replica output. The replica output is electrically coupled to the calibration circuit. The calibration circuit may include a multiplexor for receiving each of the replica outputs from the sub-circuits, such as a comparator, load and a driver, and for selectively switching between the replica outputs to determine calibration parameters for one or more levels of the sub-circuit. The calibration circuit includes a state machine capable of determining calibration parameters including offset and gain. After determining the calibration parameters, the state machine can compensate the one or more levels for each sub-circuit of the pin electronics based upon the calibration parameters.

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