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Kite system having a light transmitter and a light receiver

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7487969.

A kite system having a light transmitter and a light receiver is described. The kite system comprises a kite having a light receiver attached with the kite. The light receiver is capable of receiving and registering a light signal. A light transmitter is included for emitting a light signal. The light transmitter is encased within a hand held transmitter housing. The hand held transmitter further includes a kite string attachment mechanism for holding kite string for attaching with the kite. A user may fly the kite and use the light transmitter to project the light signal toward the light receiver, and upon receiving the light signal, the light receiver registers that it has received the light signal. Additionally, the kite system is formed as a kite shooting game such that hitting the light receiver with the light signal provides a user with a point.

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