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Grinding element for mounting in a groove

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7485030.

The present invention relates to a grinding element for mounting in a recess (41) in a surface of a cylindric drum (42) and including a retainer means (2) designed with outer sidewalls that are complementary to sidewalls of the recess (41), where a squeezing force (F) on the sidewalls of the retainer means (2) arises in a situation of use by rotation of the cylindric drum (42), where the retainer means (2) includes at least one groove (5) for securing a grinding means (1), the groove (5) extending from an outwards facing side of the retainer means (2) and inwards and forming at least one elastic, pliable flap which is disposed between the said groove (5) and at least one of the outer sidewalls wherein the grinding means (1) for accommodation in the groove (5) in the retainer means (2) comprises a mounting means (3) having a socket section (3b) with a shape complementary to the groove (5) in the retainer means (2).

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