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Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus with reflective polarizer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7480016.

An electro-optical device that includes a first module, a plate-like second module, and a hinge portion. The first module is provided with an electro-optical panel having a polarizer. The electro-optical panel is disposed on a side of a display surface of the first module, on which surface an image is displayed. The second module is provided with a reflective polarizer and has at least a translucent portion in area that overlaps with the reflective polarizer in a direction perpendicular to the reflective polarizer. The hinge portion couples the first module to the second module. The hinge portion supports the second module so that the second module, when pivoted about a first axis parallel to the display surface, is allowed to be switched between a closed position in which the display surface is covered and an opened position in which the display surface is exposed to an outside, while the hinge portion pivotally supports the second module about a second axis perpendicular to the first axis and parallel to the reflective polarizer. The polarization axis of the polarizer and the polarization axis of the reflective polarizer each are set in a direction that is not parallel and perpendicular to the first axis.

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