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Gravity biased grill wires

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7479295.

A toaster including a housing with a toasting compartment, a heater located in the housing, a food cage movably supported in the toasting compartment for movement between a gripping position and a receiving position and a carriage movably supported in the housing. The carriage is permitted movement between a toasting position adjacent a lower portion of the toasting compartment and a loading position adjacent an upper portion of the toasting compartment. The carriage may receive and support a food item to be toasted in the loading position. The food cage is positioned in the receiving position when the carriage is positioned in the loading position and is positioned in the gripping position when the carriage is positioned in the toasting position. The food cage is urged toward the gripping position by gravitational forces as the carriage moves toward the toasting position.

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