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Binding device

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7478963.

A binding device includes binding rings, a holding member having a length that enables the binding rings to be arranged at a distance from each other, and an operating member movably fixed inside the holding member such that the respective bases of the binding rings are secured onto a surface of the operating member at a distance to secure the binding rings to the holding member. In this binding device, the operating member includes a pair of operating pieces which move within the holding member in a longitudinal direction of the holding member. The base of one of the binding rings is secured to one of the operating piece, and the base of the other binding ring is secured to the other operating piece. The operating pieces are fixed to the holding member such that abutting edges thereof are maintained in an abutting state at a location spaced from an inner surface of the holding member when the binding rings are closed, and the abutting edges are maintained at a location closer to the inner surface of the holding member when the binding rings are opened, and an opening/closing member is provided for shifting the binding rings in an opening direction such that the operating pieces are moved in the longitudinal direction of the holding member within the holding member and are maintained at the location closer to the inner surface of the holding member when the binding rings are opened.

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