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Wear-resistant sintered contact material, wear-resistant sintered composite contact component and method of producing the same

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7473296.

A wear-resistant iron-based sintered contact material is provided which is sintered by powder sintering so as to have high density, high seizure resistance and wear resistance. A wear-resistant iron-based sintered composite contact component composed of the wear-resistant iron-based sintered contact material sinter-bonded to a backing metal and its producing method are also provided. To this end, at least Cr.sub.7C.sub.3-type carbide and/or M.sub.6C-type carbide which have an average particle diameter of 5 .mu.m or more are precipitately dispersed in an amount of 20 to 50% by volume within an iron-based martensite parent phase which has a hardness of HRC 50 or more even when tempered at up to C.

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