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Multistep automatic transmission with three planetary gear trains

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7470208.

A multistep automatic transmission having an input shaft, an output shaft, three planetary gearsets and five shifting elements. A sun gear of the third planetary gearset is affixed above the first shifting element to a transmission housing. The input shaft is bound to a sun gear of the second planetary gearset and is bound above the second shifting element with a sun gear of the first planetary gearset and/or by way of the fifth shifting element with a link of the first planetary gearset. The output shaft is bound together with the internal gear of the first planetary gearset and one of the links of the second or third planetary gearset. The second planetary gearset is located in the middle of the three planetary gearsets and is placed beside the third planetary gearset. The second and fifth shifting elements are placed between the first and second planetary gearsets.

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