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Channel stanchion for elevated beam cow stall assembly

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7469658.

An elevated-beam cow stall assembly has a plurality of tubular cow stall dividers supported on a single horizontal beam. This provides room for the cow to lunge slightly to assist her in lying down or getting up. In an embodiment, stanchions or brackets are formed of vertical channel members affixed onto the beam. The tubular stall dividers each have an upper and a lower horizontal rail, the ends of which are mounted into the upper and lower ends of the channel member. Short upper and lower channel portions are fastened to the main vertical channel members, web-to-web, and the tubular stall dividers from a facing row of stalls are mounted on these. The brackets or stanchions may be mounted to the beam using square U-bolts, or by other techniques such as welding.

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