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Information distribution system for transmitting scheduled information on a terminal apparatus display when the user operation is not active on the terminal apparatus

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7467382.

A terminal apparatus transmits a schedule transmission request involving a time of day given by an internal clock to a schedule transmitting apparatus, when a screen saver enters an operating condition. The schedule transmitting apparatus extracts the time of day involved in the schedule transmission request, selects a schedule the display start time of which is close to the extracted time of day, and then transmits the selected schedule to the terminal apparatus. The terminal apparatus extracts an address from the schedule and transmits a display information transmission request to a display information transmitting apparatus with reference to the extracted address. The display information transmitting apparatus transmits display information data in response to the display information transmission request. The terminal apparatus extracts display information from the display information data and then displays the extracted display information on a display.

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