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Motor controlling method, motor controlling apparatus, and recording apparatus

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7463000.

A method of controlling, by an adaptive control method, an electric motor as a drive source of an operating apparatus that operates, based on a driving force produced by the electric motor, under an arbitrary one of a plurality of operating conditions, and exhibits different dynamic characteristics corresponding to the plurality of operating conditions. The method includes preparing, for a control portion controlling the electric motor, a plurality of control-parameter groups which correspond to the plurality of operating conditions, respectively, and each group of which includes at least one control parameter comprising at least one adjustable parameter, determining, based on one of the control-parameter groups that corresponds to the arbitrary one of the operating conditions, and a plurality of target control outputs of the operating apparatus that correspond to a plurality of times, respectively, a plurality of control inputs to be inputted to the electric motor at the plurality of times, respectively, and adjusting, while the operating apparatus operates under one of the operating conditions that corresponds to each one of the control-parameter groups, the at least one adjustable parameter of the each control-parameter group in a direction in which an actual control-output trajectory including a plurality of actual control outputs of the operating apparatus that correspond to the plurality of control inputs, respectively, approaches a target control-output trajectory including the plurality of target control outputs of the operating apparatus.

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