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Method for the improvement of transport across adaptable semi-permeable barriers

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7459171.

The invention relates to a method, a kit and a device for controlling the flux of penetrants across an adaptable semi-permeable porous barrier, the method comprising the steps of: preparing a formulation by suspending or dispersing said penetrants in a polar liquid in the form of fluid droplets surrounded by a membrane-like coating of one or several layers, said coating comprising at least two kinds of forms of amphiphilic substances with a tendency to aggregate, said penerants being able to transport agents through the pores of said barrier or to enable agent permeation through the pores of said barrier after penetrants have entered the pores, selecting a dose amount of said penetrants to be applied on a predetermined area of said barrier to control the flux of said penetrants across said barrier, and applying the selected dose amount of said formulation containing said penetrants onto said area of said porous barrier.

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