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Compressed air treatment device that is designed to be installed in an industrial vehicle

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7455371.

A compressed air treatment device is designed to be installed in an industrial vehicle consisting of a motor vehicle that can pull a trailer. The device comprises a set of electropneumatic components that are controlled by an electronic command/control unit which is interfaced with a computer communication bus and with various electrical components (sensors, switches, etc.). The device is used in particular to manage the compressed air in terms of supplying the service braking circuit(s). The compressed air treatment device also comprises: a supplementary air outlet which is intended to supply control element(s) for the motor vehicle parking brake system; a set of supplementary electropneumatical components which are associated with the supplementary air outlet; control means which are integrated in the outlet; control means which are integrated in the electronic command/control unit and which can control the supplementary set of electropneumatical components according to the information originating from the computer communication bus and/or various electrical components.

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