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Data fusion for advanced ground transportation system

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7454442.

Systems, methods and apparatuses for managing ground transportation in a geographical area are disclosed. A system in accordance with the present invention comprises a graphical information systems (GIS) database that stores traffic data related to the geographical area, wherein the GIS database includes at least one node representing at least one geographical location within the geographic area and at least one arc representing at least one street within the geographic area, an impedance calculation engine, coupled to the GIS database, that determines impedances associated with the at least one node and at least one arc, and a data formatter, coupled to the GIS database and to the impedance calculation engine, for formatting incoming data used by the impedance calculation engine, wherein the impedance calculation engine updates impedances associated with the at least one node and the at least one arc based on inputs from the GIS database.

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