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Automatic shoe cover dispenser

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7448521.

An automatic shoe cover dispenser that includes a machine body, a traction and extension mechanism, a separation and hooking mechanism, a turning mechanism, a traction driving mechanism, and a shoe cover box. The body of the shoe cover box is equipped with a shoe cover separating exit. The separation and hooking mechanism extends into the shoe cover separating exit to pull out the shoe cover, and the traction and extension mechanism expands the shoe cover so that one merely has to insert a shoed foot into the stretched shoe cover with the tread of the shoe facing downwards. The advantages of the invention include its simple and rational structure, strong practicability, safety and reliability, and the use of a normal disposable shoe cover without special process and technical requirements, thus greatly reducing the costs of perishable items, and being affordable to a large quantity of consumers. In addition, the shoe cover dispenser has large capacity and allows for very convenient installation of shoe covers. The shoe cover installation quantity can be freely adjusted as desired and can reach a rate as high as dozens or even thousands of pairs of shoe covers before the shoe cover dispenser might need to be adjusted. The shoe cover dispenser can be widely used for household needs as well as various locations such as hospitals and scientific research institutes etc.

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