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Reconfigurable conduit body assembly for non-metallic conduit

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7446266.

A reconfigurable conduit body assembly including a hollow conduit body having opposing end walls, opposing side walls, a rear wall and an open front. The conduit body includes raised areas with openings therein adapted for the optional addition of either a hub with an integral gasket portion or a blank with an integral gasket portion in one or more of the end walls, side walls, or rear wall. A second opening is provided in at least one of the side walls and is also adapted for the addition of a hub or blank. The conduit body includes a faceplate with an integral gasket portion for closing the open front. Blanks are provided for closing any of the apertures that are not used in a particular configuration, and hubs provided for any of the openings that will be configured to engage conduit.

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