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Crash energy absorption member

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7445097.

A crash energy absorption member capable of reducing the initial load without provision of a crushing bead and capable of achieving a sufficient amount of shock absorption with stable buckling behavior. The crash energy absorption member is formed from a tubular body which has a length L and a polygonal transverse cross-sectional shape with 2n corners due to having 2n ridge lines (wherein n is a natural number greater than or equal to 3) and 2n surfaces partitioned by these 2n ridge lines, and which absorbs impact energy by buckling when an impact load is applied to one end in the axial direction towards the other end, characterized in that some of the 2n ridge lines only exist in a region which extends from a position spaced by a distance h in the axial direction from the one end to the other end, and if the number of the remaining ridge lines which have a length L is m, the following equations are satisfied: h.ltoreq.L.times.0.30 (1) 4.ltoreq.m.ltoreq.2.times.(n-1). (2)

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